Hi Linda,
I have read the workbook and done the exercises, I have been alone now for 3 years and have gone through all this stuff on a personal level without this guide and I have to say that it would have been great to have it 3 yrs ago...I am an optimistic person and I try to always find the positive side. This workbook is excellent...the exercises and the language is really geared to the reader.  Joyce

Hi Linda,
I've read the booklet through to the end. You have investigated a lot of territory there. A good overall look at divorce/ separation/ widowhood. The ups and downs experienced are found in there and you are providing worthwhile exercises for people to do to get a handle on things.  I think it would be a worthwhile experience for newly single people to go through these exercises with you.      Betty

Guide to Being Newly Single
Lesson one:    I'm single and not ok with it
Lesson two:   Making Decisions
Lesson three: Hierarchy of needs
Lesson four:  Rebuilding blocks
Lesson five:  Your priorities
Lesson  six:   The Three Musts
Must # 1 Accept your current situation and allow yourself to go through the feelings and emotions
Lesson seven: Must # 2 Take care of your self, your inner self and your outer shell.
Lesson eight:  Must # 3 Change your outlook to a positive one.
Lesson nine:  I'm single and I want to be ok with it
Lesson 10:    Redesigning your new life
Lesson 11:   Wellness Wheel
Lesson 12    I'm single and Ok with it. Now what?
Lesson 13:  The ad

Linda G. Robert

The Solution Lady

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Hi Linda

This is good stuff!!!         Heather

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